Professional 4-Channel UHF Wireless Karaoke Microphone System


SKU: UHF580534
  • With four handheld mics, each on their own independent UHF channel, the UHF-5805 gives you maximized vocal options without the fear of frequency interference. Wireless means that you are free from cables for more active performances that the crowd will never forget, plus with its rechargeable microphones and charger, the party can go all night. KJs will love that each mic channel has its own Field-replaceable Module that easily slides out, without affecting the functionality of the other channels. Included in this package are four wireless rechargeable microphones with upgraded, durable metal bodies. Vocalists, home entertainment enthusiasts, and club-goers all will benefit from the reliability and versatility of the UHF-5805.

    Frequency Sets
    UHF-5805-3 M, N, O, P, PII
    UHF-5805-4 Q, R, S, T
    UHF-5805-5 E, F, G, H
    UHF-5805-6 I, J, K, L
    UHF-5805-7 A, B, C, D
    UHF-5805-8 U, V, W, X