KOD-2000-2T Single Hard Drive Multimedia Karaoke Player-NO CONTENT

With a 2 Terabyte hard drive the Acesonic KOD-2000 Single Hard Drive Multimedia Karaoke Player is the latest edition of Acesonic’s ultimate machine. Plenty of useful features, technology and ease of use have been combined to create the KOD-2000.

Content from both Blu-Ray discs & the built-in hard drive can be accessed with this machine. This gives you the flexibility to play discs on the fly if you haven’t loaded the content into your hard drive yet. DVD movies can be upscaled and viewed through the HDMI port on to your flat screen TV. Go through family photos, videos or listen to music through the Media Center that’s built-in. Additionally, your iPad or Android tablets can be used as a controller to access features such as the song search function. Furthermore, you can capture your CD, CD+G, VCD or DVD tracks directly from the disc tray and into the internal hard drive. You can pull up your media instantly for true jukebox performance.

This player can house a single hard drive with up to 8TB capacity to keep things light and compact. You can gain unlimited song capacity expansion through an attached network drive. To expand even further, attach multiple machines to a network drive to setup a client-server network for use in a multi-room or commercial environment.


We are aware of the issues with iOS11+ and are working to resolve them as soon as possible

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Download the Beta – Beta Instuctions – Default Password: 1111

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To help us make this app better, please email us at techsupport@acesonic.com to report any bugs or issues you may have encountered when beta testing this app. When reporting, be sure to include your brand, model and system version of your device.
This version is still in development. Please use the stable version above if you experience problems.

KOD-2000-2T Single Hard Drive Multimedia Karaoke Player-NO CONTENT

    • Rip CD+Gs & Audio CDs:
      • Rip CD+G into MP3+G. Also rips Audio CDs into MP3 at 4x speed and save onto a storage device.
      • Shows current track being ripped
    • Powerful Recording Function: 3 Ways to record!
      • Record your acapella, speech or dictation through the microphone in CD quality
      • Record your singing while playing a CD or CDG and save your track as an MP3
      • Record from VCD karaoke discs (USe the Blue button to record from VCD)
      • Record your singing while playing an MP3+G or MPEG1/MPEG2/VOB/AVI/MKV files and save your track as an MP3 (AVI & MKVs must have their native audio portion encoded in the MP3 format.)
    • Index your songs: A sequential number up to 9999 is assigned to each track in each folder making it easier to cue up songs within a folder. You’ll no longer have to press “page down” or the “down arrow” multiples times to reach a song further down the list. Just punch in the number on the screen or from your song book and it will be added to the playlist. However if adding songs from multiple folders, you’ll have to enter the song number while having the folder open that contains that particular track.
    • BD-ISO & DVD-ISO Support: Create an image of your Blu-Ray discs or DVD disc and load them up into your hard drive. You’ll no longer have to shuffle through your Blu-Ray & DVD discs anymore. This is better than converting your discs into MP4’s or other video files because it retains use of the menus and other special features!
    • Supports Larger Hard Drives: Access drives larger than 2TB that are formatted in NTFS. With hard drive enclosures housing multiple hard drives, it’s easy to go past 2TB. Now you can have all your media centralize at one location. Load up your files, hook it up and go through all your images, videos and music easily. Solid-State Storage Devices (SSS/SSD) are not supported.
    • Firmware:

      Goto our BDK-2000 firmware update page


      The latest 2013 upgrade is only available for Region A players. Region B players only have updates listed up to 3/20/2012 & C players up to 7/11/2012.

      Exclusive Features:

    • Compatible Disc Types: Compatible with the most disc types such as: Blu-Ray Discs, BD-ROM, BD-R, BD-RE, DVD, DVD±R, DVD+RW, VCD, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW, VCDs, CD+Gs, CDs and data discs. This is the only Blu-ray Disc player that supports CD+G!
    • Compatible File Formats: Plays MP3, MP3G, WAV, WMA, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (MPG/VOB), MPEG-4 (AVI), DivX, XviD, RMVB, DAT, ISO, M2TS, MKV, MOV and JPEG files in high-resolution video up to 1080p or 1920×1080
    • File Numbering function: Built-in file numbering system can be used to find files quickly just by entering a number the player assigned to it. Supports 9,999 files per folder.
    • Powerful USB Port: Connect a USB drive and play all your video, music and picture files. Supports a USB 2.0 hub making attaching multiple hard drives and flash drives possible. Supplies enough power to run portable hard drives that do not require external power. Supports NTFS and FAT32.
    • Direct Access Front Panel: Designed to allow easy use of all common controls without the remote control. Perfect for professional studio and video operators. Enter track numbers, fast forward, rewind, and change menu settings all using the front panel. A volume control knob allows easy sound level adjustment.
    • Rack-Mounts: Kit provided to securely place the BDK-2000 in a road case or A/V Rack.
    • Karaoke: There’s even plenty of features for karaoke singers built-in. Karaoke DVD, CDG, VCD, and MP3G formats are all supported.
    • Cue Function: When turned on, the player will not play but only cue the next track. You can select another track or continue playing the next song.
    • Microphone Inputs: Two microphone inputs are built-in with bass, treble, echo, and volume knobs so you can fine tune your performance. Another useful way to use the microphones is to make announcements, presentations or speeches with videos and pictures on-screen.
    • Key Control: ±7-step key control is built-in and can be adjusted by half steps.
    • Mulitplex: A powerful”Audio MPX” multiplex feature is also available on the front panel and remote allowing users to switch between mono left, mono right, stereo or mixed audio. You can even switch from tracks 1 through 4 as the player auto identifies single or multiple tracks.
    • Headphone Output: Perfect for listening or monitoring your music or when viewing movies in private.
    • Triple Video Display: Component video, RCA video, and HDMI can be used simultaneously.
    • Dual Audio Output: RCA audio and HDMI can be used simultaneously. Perfect to output to your TV and mixer.
    • Worldwide Compatibility: Blu-ray player region A, B, or C available. Currently defaulted to Region A but we can send you a region B or C player depending on your location. Just let your retailer know your preference. 100 or 240 volt power auto detection. Detachable power cord allows you to switch to other types of power cords in different countries.


    • Upgradeable Firmware: Online software upgrades can also be performed so you can stay up to date with the latest firmware and future functions.
    • Built-in Ethernet port lets you play online BD-Live streaming content
    • BD-Live: You can download additional content for your BD-Live enabled movies if you connect the player to an internet connection.
    • Supported OSD Languages:
      • English
      • Spanish
      • French
    • Rackmountable
    • Specifications:

    • 1x HDMI connection Output (HDMI 1.3)
    • 1x CVBS Output
    • 1x YPbPr Output
    • 1x Optical Output
    • 1x Coaxial Output
    • 2x USB 2.0 input
    • 1x Ethernet network interface(RJ-45)
    • 2x ¼” microphone inputs
    • Includes:

    • 6ft RCA Cable
    • Remote Control
    • Rack Mount Kit
    • Firmware:

      Goto our BDK-2000 firmware update page