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 Over the years we have taken pride in bringing you the best the industry has to offer in sound quality, equipment, music content, and more!  Although our products and services have stayed the same (ish), we're continuing to expand on what we do best and share a place that's known, in Canada, as a great source for everything karaoke.


     We have taken the best steps available  in order to deliver a secure and efficient relationship with you, our customers.  Our site is still under construction as we continue to add products and features but we are open for business! 

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Many Karaoke Champions go on to secure record deals with Adrian Kenny from Cork doing so in 2005 and went to support Jedward and Shane Ward in Concerts

Karaoke Canada

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It ain't always easy being heard.  

That's why we've made it our mission...  


We are one group that won't drop the mic-and along with a healthy dose of puns, we always set up to deliver some of the best in sounds and show! 

Don't believe us?








2000 songs!

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