Build Your very own custom CD+G for use in all players that play the CD+G Format.

Follow the instructions below and you'll be set for the most personal karaoke playlist for your event or personal use. 

How it's done...


Search our database for you desired tracks.




Compile your personal list(s).

a)   Multiple discs Orders

  • Create a Word, PDF, XLS, or TXT file.

  • Title and list your BYOD track selection (17 track max), in prefered order (if necessary)

  • when saving, please use your name and date (mm/yyyy) as the filename eg: erinSmithsBYOD_052016.pdf

b)   Individual Disc Orders

  • 17 tracks per disc 

  • One disk per product submission please.



option "a" 

  1. Make sure you have emailed your track selection (Word, PDF, XLS, or TXT file) to:  

  2. Select the BYOD product (add to cart) and enter the appropriate quantities of discs required (17 tracks per disc) and the *required information, including the filename (eg: erinSmithsBYOD_052016pdf).

  3. Then add it to your cart!

option "b" 

  • Title and list your BYOD track selection (17 track max) within the notes section of this product (500 character limit) and in prefered order (if necessary)

  • One disc per item submission please


  • If there is a miscalculation in disc quantity, you will be notified. 

  • The debit or credit balance will be acknowledged in the notification and be required to settle before completing the compilation(s).

A Message Regarding CD+G Purchases:

     If you experience spotty graphics please try cleaning the disc before contacting our customer service department. No matter where you buy your CD+Gs, it is always possible to have an occasional defective CD+G or one that will only play in certain players. All CD+Gs will not play in all players. A CD+G that doesn't play in one player will often play in a different player (this can be especially true if the player is an older model) This can happen with our custom CD+Gs or CD+Gs purchased from major retailers. We have even experienced these ourselves in our own personal CD+G purchases.


     The general consensus in the recording industry is that some CD+Gs may not play due to format variations related to the age of the CD+G Player. Others may not play due to slight inconsistencies in the materials or the laser/lens in the player (CD+G boom boxes and portable players are notoriously finicky about some CD+G media) In the instance that you receive a disc that simply wont play in your player, please try it in another player or contact our customer service department at 1.519.645.7464

Please handle your CD+Gs with care.

What is...

 It's what happens to a CDG when you get fancy with it!


At Karaoke Canada we are proud to deliver B.Y.O.Ds. 


With the ability to Build Your Own Disc,  You can bring you own choice of tracks to any space, helping you to personalize your karaoke experience, every time!  

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